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Daddy’s old AF35ML

ชอบเจ้าตัวนี้มาก ถ่ายสวยด้วยขอบอก แต่เลนส์เน่าแล้ว ซ่อมอะไรไม่ได้ เสียดายมาก เป็นกล้องที่รูปร่างสวยด้วย น่าใช้มากๆเลย

Canon, AF35ML 35mm autofocus viewfinder camera, c1981

The Canon AF35ML, an early generation autofocus ‘point and shoot’ – popularly known as the Autoboy Super or Sureshot, is just one of a whole host of totally automatic cameras made possible by the use of modern cheap electronics. Though a Canon product it was made in Taiwan, and whilst some might regard this a little disdainfully, the quality of this mainly plastic camera is perfectly adequate for it’s task. The hatch catch is metal as is the hatch itself, a claim that some considerably more expensive cameras could not match. The camera will load the film, auto expose, focus and wind on – continuously if you keep the button pressed at 1 frame per 1.2sec. Built in flash is available, a beep instructs the user to select flash, which pops up when selected. The camera rewinds the film, but not automatically. All this is powered by two easily available AA cells. To cap it off nicely the camera comes with an impressively quick f/1.9 lens and delayed release function. Cameras of this type are the natural successors to the humble box camera, the only task the user has to do is set the film speed, normally calibrated from 25 – 400ASA. This clean example was donated to the collection in November 2006 by Mr John Coneybeare, merely requiring an external clean and some rust removal from the battery terminals. An undisclosed number of the later models appear to have been calibrated from 50 – 1000ASA, a nice suprise being this example is one of them.

Body No.1010845
Shutter, Automatic between 0.25 and 400th sec
Lens, Canon 40mm f/1.9
Condition, 5F


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